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Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nick Topolski and I am a creative, visual-thinking, problem solver with an aesthetic eye. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, currently living and working in Atlanta, GA, I am bringing over ten years of hands on experience in graphic and prepress design. I offer a distinct blend of technical expertise and passion.


Prior to relocating to Atlanta, I was employed by The Buffalo News for ten years as a graphic designer. During this time, I have designed a variety of ads that would be displayed in both print and digital form, reaching over 400,000+ readers on a daily basis.


I currently work at France Media, Inc. in Atlanta, responsible for the design and editing of web sites, banners, printed materials, logos/branding,
conference themes, email marketing pieces and magazine advertisements.


I am always improving my design skill with various freelance projects while keeping up with current trends.

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